MVX Titanium Photocatalytic CoatingTitanium Dioxide TIO2

TiO2 is a white powder, used extensively in many commercial products including paints, plastics, paper, food & cosmetic products. TiO2 is insoluble in water & sensitive as a photo catalyst to certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Nanotechnology had changed its characteristics, dissolved it in water and made it sensitive to any source of light. So it can be used as a photo catalyst when exposed to any source of light.

What is photo catalyst?

It is a material, which is sensitive to light and therefore makes a chemical reaction when light strikes it. For example, chlorophyll in green plants is a photo catalytic material begins a chemical reaction when exposed to light.

TiO2 photo catalysis

Our new titanium dioxide "MVX" when exposed to light a chemical reaction will begin causing the breakdown of organic toxins, odors and bacteria.

Mechanism of action for "MVX" Sterilization

A: At the level of radicals

When light strikes "MVX" this produces two oxidation reactants, hydroxyl radicals (OH-) & super oxide anion (O2-). The two reactants decompose toxic organic substances through oxidation. The light source only begins the reaction and it keeps working for several hours even after the light source is de-activated.

B: At the level of molecules:

The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by orbits where electrons are revolving around the nucleus. Electrons responsible for reactions are revolving in a band called valence band (highest range of electro energies). There is a band outside the valence band referred to as the conduction band.

In TiO2, as it is a compound consisting of different atoms, the valence and conduction bands are complicated, but the principles involved are the same. When the energy of light is applied externally electrons in the valence band are excited and rise to the conduction band. Then positive holes are formed and left behind the rising electrons in the valence band. At this time the MVX is photo excited. The resulting positive holes show sufficient oxidative power.

Capable of attacking bacteria

As MVX is TiO2 dissolved in water, water is oxidized by positive holes forming hydroxyl radicals (OH-), which has a strong oxidative decomposing power. Also, Oxygen of the air is reduced by the rising electrons resulting in the production of super oxide anions (O2-), which is capable of attacking bacteria. Both super oxide anion and hydroxyl radicals are the main reactants responsible for the functions of MVX.

MVX Antiviral effect avian flu

MVX has a “proven”strong effect on killing almost all kinds of viruses including SARS & Avian flu (H5N1).

Effect against influenza viruses

The amount of antibodies in normal blood uninfected by viruses is approximately 2 μgm/ml which was defined as HA value = 2, when blood is infected by a virus, hem agglutinin occurs, causing antibodies to increase in number. The HA value of 1280 for the untreated samples means that the virus caused heamgglutination and increased the number of antibodies by 640 times.

On the other hand, the samples treated with the MVX inhibited heamagglutination by destroying the virus.

 Untreated  Treated
with MVX
No. 3 2 1 3 2 1
HA value 1280 1280 1280 # # #

N.B the numerical values are HA values (n=3) measured after 24 hours of contact. (#) Mark: indicates that hem agglutination was not observed. Sample virus: influenza virus AOPR8.

Testing organization: Kitasato Research center of environmental sciences.

MVX Anti Fungal Effect

MVX has a good antifungal effect on different types of fungi e.g. Aspergillums Niger & Candida albicans reducing their concentration by 34.65% after 2 hours of contact.

MVX Deodorizing Effect

MVX produces a noticeable difference in deodorizing character. The smell of very high concentrations of ammonia gases (40 ppm) in a 2 hour period will dissipate up to 99.6%.

MVX Anti Dirt Effect

MVX gives relative charges to the surface it's coated with when exposed to every source of light, also fine dust carries negative charges so, both the surface & the dust carry negative charge and they repel with each other so, surface clear without accumulation of dust.

MVX Hydrophilic effect

MVX character due to the presence of (OH-) radicals, with very high affinity to water, and self-cleaning effect is generated by waterfall.